Successful Drug Crimes Attorney Representing Claremore Criminal Defense Clients

person who has been accused of committing a drug crimePeople from all walks of life can find themselves in trouble with the law for possessing, manufacturing, or distributing illegal drugs. That is to say, being charged with a drug crime does not mean you are a bad person who deserves to be punished. No matter what the police have told you, you are entitled to quality legal representation and the chance to make amends. Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. is here to provide the criminal defense you need and will vigorously fight on your behalf.

Drug Crime Sentencing

If you are convicted of a drug crime, the punishment will depend heavily upon the type of drug in question, what you were doing with it, where you were, how much of the drug you had in your possession, and other key factors. Generally speaking, drugs with a higher potential for addiction, such as heroin and cocaine, result in felony charges. Conversely, drugs that are considered to be less harmful or those that are used widely for legal purposes, such as codeine cough syrup or small amounts of marijuana, tend to be tried as misdemeanors unless you were in possession of a large quantity.

Drug Crime Defenses

There are many ways in which we can approach your case. The place we always start, however, is investigating your arrest report and the evidence readily available. If, for example, a police officer conducted an illegal search and seizure of drugs, we may be able to have the physical evidence thrown out and thereby cast enough doubt on the situation to invalidate the case. If this defense is not an option, we will rely upon legal precedents, your personal background, and other factors.

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