Effective Misdemeanors Attorney Providing Criminal Defense for Claremore Clients

police car representing a criminal misdemeanorPeople arrested for crimes less serious than felonies are typically charged with misdemeanors. Though the penalties for a misdemeanor conviction are less severe than those for felonies, we can promise you that they are not pleasant or inconsequential. If you have recently been charged with a misdemeanor, you will need a strong criminal defense ready when you go to court. Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. can provide the experienced counsel you deserve.

Penalties for Oklahoma Misdemeanors

The specific punishments for a misdemeanor conviction depend on the crime committed, your personal criminal record, and circumstantial facts collected by law enforcement officials. That said, most misdemeanor convictions carry jail sentences of a year or less and fines of $1,000 or less. If you have prior convictions, those penalties may be longer and higher, respectively.

Defenses for Misdemeanor Charges

The most promising place to start building a criminal defense is by examining the actions of the arresting officers involved in your case. We will check to see if they violated any of your rights or their standard operating procedures. If they did, we may be able to have your charges dismissed or reduced to a simple infraction. If they did follow all relevant laws, we will devise a unique defense that speaks to the positive contributions you make to society and downplays your involvement in criminal activity.

Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. defends the rights of Claremore and Rogers County clients facing misdemeanors. If you need principled criminal defense help, contact our office today at 918.283.4441 to schedule a free consultation with a trusted lawyer.