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estate planning documents and reading glassesThinking about death and ill-health is not the most fun topic, but it is important to plan for the future regardless. Estate planning allows you to dictate the management of your assets, establish systems to provide for your loved ones, leave detailed instructions for how you want to be cared for in the event of a medical emergency, and more. Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. can help you take advantage of the time you have now while you are healthy to protect yourself and your family from whatever surprises may come next.

Our Estate Planning Services

Our firm has helped numerous clients plan their legacies and is eager to do the same for you. We can help you with:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advance healthcare directives
  • Tax planning
  • Inheritances & beneficiaries
  • Charitable giving

Oklahoma Probate

When someone dies, their estate must be resolved and closed in the eyes of the law. This process is called probate, but not all estates are subject to it. With a comprehensive enough estate plan, probate may be avoided. If you have been named the executor of an estate, we can help you complete the probate process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’ll ensure you have notified all the right heirs and creditors, transferred property, distribute assets, and tie up any other loose ends within the required timeline. Contact us today if you need legal counsel regarding Oklahoma probate.

Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. helps Claremore and Rogers County clients manage their assets through estate planning. We also provide counsel for people involved in probate of an estate. If you need help with estate planning and/or probate, please contact our firm today at 918.283.4441 to schedule a free consultation.