Accomplished Mediation Lawyer Serving Claremore Family Law Clients

couple meeting with a family law and divorce mediatorWhen you are dealing with a legal matter as sensitive as those pertaining to your family, marriage, or children, you likely want to find resolution as quickly and privately as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in mediation with the other involved parties and an experienced family law mediation attorney like Matthew R. Tarvin. We can help you get started.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a legal process through which family law (and other) issues are discussed, negotiated, and ultimately agreed upon to the satisfaction of all involved. This process replaces going to court and having a judge decide on the terms of your divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, and more. You and your spouse or other family member will meet in a professional setting with a mediator and hash things out. If you are able to agree, the necessary paperwork will be drafted, signed, and sent to the court for approval.

The Benefits of Mediation

Many people prefer to handle legal matters in mediation for several compelling reasons. These include:

  • Privacy: Working issues out in mediation over court keeps family issues private and controlled.
  • Affordability: Mediation is almost always less expensive than lengthy court battles.
  • Efficient: Most mediation cases can be resolved in just one or several sessions, as opposed to court processes that can last months or years.
  • Collaborative: Nearly all of our clients who engage in mediation report being more satisfied with the outcome of their case because they feel that both parties got at least some of what they wanted and neither left feeling as though they lost everything.

Matthew R. Tarvin, P.C. helps Claremore and Rogers County clients tackle divorce, child custody, and other family law matters through mediation. If you need help resolving a difficult family law issue, contact our office today at 918.283.4441 to schedule a free consultation with an effective mediation attorney.